Friday, September 25, 2009

Cara Black's book spills out of YSL bag! News at 11!

One of my favorite mystery authors is, bien sur, Cara Black, author of the awesome Aimee Leduc series and a lovely Francophile currently based in San Francisco. (If I didn't love her and her writing so much, I'd probably hate her.) If you haven't had a chance to read any of her books, what in heaven's name are you waiting for? Our brave, fiercely intelligent and incredibly stylish Aimee is a French-American private investigator in Paris with nine successful cases under her Hermes belt. What I love most about her books, though, is how much research Black has packed into her stories. The woman doesn't just sit down at her typewriter and write -- she roams the back alleys of the City of Light, interviews real police detectives, experts, shopkeepers, and the usual "man on the street, and conducts extensive research on the history of everything from Parisian canals to the war in the Middle East to inject her stories with rich detail.

Cara kindly forwarded me a copy of an advertisement in a recent L'Officiel issue that features an advertisement for the gorgeous (and tres chere!) Yves Saint-Laurent handbag. You don't need an eagle eye to note the title of the book. (That would, of course, be, Murder in the Marais.) Congratulations, Cara, on this great exposure! (I'd be lucky to have my own book spilling out of a Target tote in a local ad!)

Check out Cara's newest novel in the Aimee Leduc series, Murder in the Latin Quarter, published in March 2009. Also stay tuned for an interview I conducted with Cara earlier this summer about her research, writing routine and her love of Paris history, to be featured in the new MIFG!


Susan said...

How fun, Marjorie. Looking forward to the interview. Going to see new film 'Paris' this weekend. Have a good one yourself.



Catherine said...

Sounds like an interesting book series. I have requested a copy of the first in the series from my library. Thanks for the recommendation.

My Inner French Girl said...

Dear Susan, bonjour! Tell me what you think of "Paris." I have the reviewer's DVD still sitting on my desk and must check it out this week!

Bonjour, Catherine! Glad to hear that I've introduced you to a new potential book love! I really enjoyed the two that I read and hope that you do as well. Merci for the comment!